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ABCs to Mastering Emotions Self-Guided Course

Emotional intelligence  helps you in many areas of your life. Whether your experience or love was absent, untrustworthy or inconsistent, let's work together to understanding of emotions, so you can experience the best and most from life and love.
(Course has video tutorials)

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Couples Checkup
Self-Guided Course

In this video directed course you examine your relationship and recognize 3 key areas essential to the vitality of a relationship. So let's enter into the exam room and get the tools you need to keep your relationship strong and emotionally healthy. 
(Course concludes with a group session with Dr. Saudia)

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Get Naked Self-Guided Course

 Childhood and relationship wounds can cause us to get stuck.  In this course you learn how to 'get naked', allowing yourself to heal and truly experience the best love has to offer.
​(Course has chapter video tutorials)

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Game Changer Coaching Program

We change the game on how you approach dating, love and relationships, to attract the man who is emotionally available.

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Thank You nEXt
Coaching Program

Emerge Stronger! Whether you are Overcoming breakup or divorce, fearlessly embrace love again & restore your heart from heartbreak.

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Mastering Connection Coaching Program

 Not "Feeling Fulfilled"?upgrade your love journey. Build intimacy and deepen the bond in your marriage today.

Featured In

Dr. Saudia, a licensed professional and attachment-based specialist, shares her expertise to help individuals and couples achieve personal and relational success. Her insights have been featured in publications like Forbes Health, Men's Health, Thriveworks, and more. Join her for valuable guidance on thriving relationships.

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Dr. Saudia L. Twine, LPC, MFT, NCC

Meet Dr. Saudia L. Twine, a seasoned attachment-based specialist and sought-after speaker. She helps people understand how and why they love the way they do, so they can transform their relationships to go on to experience the best and most from love. With a wealth of experience as a licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, she's dedicated her career to helping individuals and couples date differently, love vulnerably, and create intimate connections with the ones who matter most.

Not oblivious to heartbreak herself, she authored the book Get Naked: Learning to Love Again without Fear, which teaches readers the art of emotional vulnerability and healing from attachment wounds. 

With a knack for decoding the mysteries of love and relationships, she developed Attachment University, a coaching platform created to help demystify love to build happy, successful and fulfilling relationships. With a passion for fostering emotional connection, Dr. Saudia is committed to guiding others to experience the best and most from love to develop personal and relational success.

Love Lessons

Finding love isn't difficult. But liking the love you found and keeping it are entirely different. She has helped numerous women and couples to experience the love they want and rightfully deserve.  With her knowledgeable, humorous but straight forward approach to love and relationships, clients transform their relationships and their approach towards dating, love, relationships and marriage. 

At Attachment University, we simplify the complexities of love teaching you how to nurture fulfilling relationships and become a soft place to land.    

Listen to the Eros meets Agape podcast and gain valuable insights from our various series. Simply select a category and explore the world of love and relationships with Dr. Saudia to enrich your emotional journey!

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